CallRail Mastery Course

CallRail Tutorials, Training, and Tips for Marketers and Business Owners

Frustrated you can’t track call performance in your marketing campaigns?

Never lose sight of call leads again.

What will you learn?

The CallRail Mastery Course will transform you into a call tracking and call performance master.

The basics of advanced online and offline call tracking

Best practices for integrating call tracking into your digital marketing campaigns

How to identify and report on the source of all call conversions

How to integrate call conversions with Google Ads, Facebooks Ads, Google Analytics, and other systems

Reporting on call activity to show data-driven results

Identify where call leads came from and what services they found valuable

How to set up automatic call tagging and lead scoring

Integrating text messaging with your lead handing processes.

Setting up real-time call notifications for you and/or clients.

Perfect for agencies, marketing departments, freelancers, or owners.

Is the CallRail Mastery Course right for you?

This course is for data-driven digital marketers that are looking for more insight into their digital marketing campaigns. If you’re talking with clients about TV versus PPC lead generation or wanting to know where website calls originated, this course is for you.

Preview this course and get a "feel" of the content.

You’ll be able to set up, track, and report on the call metrics coming through your website, landing pages, digital campaigns, postcards, magazine ads, TV commercials, billboards, and other online or offline marketing campaigns. call tracking and call performance master.

Perfect for agencies, marketing departments, freelancers, or owners.